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What is Dialpad Voice Intelligence?

Voice Intelligence (Vi) is the AI engine built into our unified cloud communications platform that automates tasks, helps employees in real time, and extracts insights from every conversation.


Get smarter calling, conferencing, and contact centers with Voice Intelligence

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Let Vi handle manual tasks like note-taking so you can bring your full attention to work.

Get more done

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Empower your team with the information they need to be successful in every conversation.

Give employees an edge

Get insights into what’s working and what needs work with Ai-powered analytics.

Make better decisions

No more note-taking

Vi automatically captures key details so you can focus on the call or meeting, not note-taking. Plus, you can easily highlight important points or takeaways in the live transcription of your conversations.

Never get stumped on a call

Keywords and phrases trigger Vi to surface relevant information during the call. Prospect mentions a competitor? Vi provides insights to help you quickly size up the competition. Customer asks an obscure product question? Vi automates a cheat sheet with the answers.Managers can set up these responses for a variety of uses such as pricing, current promos, support questions, and more.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies Use Dialpad

“It’s really easy for us to have insight into how our support engineers are using the phone, can find out when someone called in, who the customer was, how long they were on the phone...all of this is really easy for us now.”

Olaf Doemer
Acquia | Director of Global Support

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Voice Intelligence gets the most out of every conversation

Search your conversations

What did they say again? Vi allows you to search your meeting transcriptions for specific keywords so you can easily recall important details that may have slipped your mind.

Live call sentiment

See the sentiment of any call between customers and yourself or your agents. This gives you the opportunity to address concerns, provide help, intervene, and coach where required.

Get a summary

After every call and meeting, you’ll receive a handy Post-Call Summary that includes important details like your complete transcription, meeting sentiment, and key action items that came up during the conversation.

Create a transcript treasure trove

Securely record, archive, and share past calls to train your team. Use recordings to see where a conversation went wrong (or right) so you can update scripts, coach reps, and onboard new team members.

Dig into the details

Every conversation has actionable insights. Out of the box reporting and analytics help you fine-tune your contact center and monitor trends.

Track agent activity and performance with real-time dashboards, call volume, hold queue metrics, and customizable wallboards.