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Maybe a customer is looking for help to resolve an issue. Or perhaps they’re looking to purchase additional products or services. The secret sauce to running a successful business is relationship management, and that starts with communication. By offering prospects and clients a Toll-Free Number, you instantly make your business more accessible, which expands your reach and enhances your service and credibility.

Encourage Prospects and Clients to Get in Touch
Be a Better Competitor

It’s competitive in the business world, and every advantage is important. If your competitors provide a Toll-Free number for customers, then it’s crucial that your organization does, too. Regardless of the size of your company—a Toll-Free Number tells your prospects and customers that your company is credible, national, and most importantly—prepared to meet the needs of the customers. The 800 number is not just a string of digits, it’s a reputation and relationship builder.

Demonstrate Outstanding Customer Service

Offering your prospects and clients something for free is one of the greatest ways to demonstrate your dedication to exceptional customer service. Of course, by providing a Toll-Free Number, you are not just helping your prospects and customers, you are also helping your business by making it easy for them to get in touch.

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"We love how quick Dialpad is to deploy. All you need is a laptop or smartphone."

Kyle Jackson

Director of IT at Percolate

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Frequently Asked Questions

What plan level do I need in order to have a Toll-Free Number?

Adding Toll-Free Numbers to your account is available on Standard, Pro, and Enterprise Plans.

Can I purchase more than one Toll-Free Number?

Yes. Companies can add as many Toll-Free Numbers as they wish.

What happens when a customer calls a Toll-Free Number but no one is available to answer the call?

That depends on how the call routing rules have been set up. But some options include being sent to a voicemail, a different department, or a greeting without voicemail.

How much does it cost to add a Toll-Free Number?

Adding a Toll-Free Number to your Main Company Number, Department, or Call Queue is an additional $5 per month on an annual plan or $7 per month on a monthly plan plus $0.02 per min for incoming calls. (Prices listed here in USD, contact us for quotes in local currency).

I have an existing Toll-Free Number. Can I keep it?

Absolutely. Dialpad Administrators can initiate a toll-free port request by filling out and submitting a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to our support team. Learn more about how to port a Toll-Free Number here.

How long does it take to transfer my Toll-Free Number to Dialpad?

Toll-free ports can take 5-10 business days to process assuming no issues with the submitted LOA form.

How will I know when my transfer is complete?

When your Toll-Free Numbers port successfully, we'll send an email to your Dialpad Administrator.

My question about Toll-Free Numbers wasn’t answered here. Where can I go to learn more?

You can check out this in-depth Help Center article about Local and Toll-Free Numbers.


The world’s most innovative companies use Dialpad

Business phone in your pocket
Your mobile phone can double as your work phone with a separate number, enabling you to talk and text from anywhere.
Route calls to the right people
Setup your IVR so callers hear a greeting based on time of day, and can choose which department they need to speak to.
Integrate your existing apps
Connect your existing apps to share calendars and docs, and even log calls to a CRM or helpdesk.

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Smart Call Routing
Route callers based on business hours, holidays, and by department.
Powerful Integrations
Connect all your favorite apps including calendars and shared docs so it's easy to find upcoming meetings and collaborate on projects.
Spam Blocking
Clear up your phone lines with automatic spam blocking across all your connected Dialpad               devices.
Text Messaging
Send and receive texts between colleagues and customers from any Dialpad app.

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"We love how quick Dialpad is to deploy. All you need is a laptop or smartphone."

Kyle Jackson  |  Director of IT at Percolate

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